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About Las Vegas Club Promoter Chris Hornak

I’m here to help you have a smooth Vegas experience! I build Guest List, setup Tables and do everything possible to ensure you have a great time! All my services are free and open to the public. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about Vegas Clubs. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

I’ve been a Las Vegas Nightclub Promoter for over 7 years. I’ve been Head Promoter for The Palms for over 7 years. More than 250,000 people have used my Las Vegas Nightclub VIP List. Being a Vegas Club Promoter is my dream job! I get paid to party! Las Vegas Nightlife is the craziest in the country, and I’ve got your Las Vegas nightclub hookups!

Want to see how easy it can be to club in Vegas? Contact some of the 3000 people in my Vegas Club Promoter Facebook Group. Checkout my 5 star Vegas Club Promoter Yelp Reviews. Checkout Articles on Chris Hornak Las Vegas Club Promoter. Check me out on TripAdvisor. Chris 702.518.CLUB (2582) The Palms VIP Host Chris Hornak


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The Palms VIP Host Chris Hornak

Hi Chris, Thank you so much for once again making a large group trip to Vegas super easy! I was dreading Memorial Day weekend madness and all your information helped me keep a group of intense particular New Yorkers happy. Everyone loved the Palms! I am not sure if you need references, but please feel free to use me if you ever do! This is the 4th time I’ve traveled to Vegas where you’ve taken care of my party planning! Thanks so much! Rachel Flynn The Palms VIP Host Chris Hornak Hey Chris thanks again for everything!! We had a great time and appreciated all the free drinks!! Will definitely hit you back up when we are in town again!! David Insixiengmay The Palms VIP Host Chris Hornak Hey Chris!!!! We just want to say Thank U for everything.. We had a blast Memorial Weekend. Thanks!!! Stephanie Monique Antunez The Palms Vegas Club VIP Host Had an awesome time at Moon and Tyrst for my sister’s bachelorette weekend…thanks Chris! Cristi French The Palms Vegas Club VIP Host Chris me and my girls had the best time ever thanks to you we started our weekend club hoping at all the hot clubs in palms and ended our weekend having a blast in haze…thanks keep up the good work! Aneesha Barber The Palms Vegas Club VIP Host Thank you Palms and Chris!! Had a blast!! Much aloha to you guys!! Hugh Wong  


You are the Man!! Thanks you so much for your help while we where in Vegas. We used your services 4 nights in a row. Without your help my best friends birthday would not have been a success. Thanks so much for the information, guest list, and professional service. I will definitely look you up in 6 months when I am back in town. If this email gets posted, Chris will not steer you wrong. I recommend his services 100%. If you are not a rock star but want to party like one, Chris is your Man. Sarah Fink

Dear Chris: I know you get a million emails but I just had to give you a big “Thank you” for your help. My sister and I went to the clubs and had a great time. You saved us time and money. We really appreciate it. It’s good to find someone that can help you out without it being a scam. We will be back next time we’re in Vegas. Thanks so much and have a great day. Shelly Carl-Chan

Hey Chris, I will definitely recommend this site to anyone I know going to Vegas and wants to get into the finest clubs. Everything went exactly like the site said it would. Thanks for everything! – Brian Jamison

Chris, Thank you so much for hooking us up when we were there in November. My boyfriend and I were amazed at the service. At first we didn’t believe we would get in without the lines and for free but it worked. We will definitely use you again! – Nina Washington

Hey Chris. Thanks for the hook up to Rain last night. It was so smooth to get in. WOW! Was wondering if you have a list at any other clubs tonight. Please get back go me. Thanks brother… Michael Reyes

Chris… I want to thank you for everything you did for me in Vegas. The limo service was great!! Thank you so much, Chris do you have a mailing address? I want to send you a gift to show you how grateful I am for your help, also I will refer you to all my friends so you can show them a great time as well…… Thank You Alfredo Osuna

Thanks Chris! I cannot tell you how VIP my sister and I felt. We saw the jealous looks from people waiting in line as we were whisked right to the front!!! And we loved the free drinks! Can’t wait to get back to Vegas and use your site again. -Wendy

You took the words right out of my mouth! What a weekend!We had a crazzzyy time! Loved how quick your responses were. It was hard to get to the clubs on time for the list, but not your fault… Blame it on the Goose! lol! Thanks for the Party Bus hook-up! Ride to Olympic Gardens was Booo! lol. He was wayy to fast, had us scared to even speak! lol Plus he took the freeway, yuck… I requested he take the strip back and that was 100% better, Thanks Jon! You’ve got a great thing going on and I appreciate your services! I will suggest your page to my FB friends! You’ll hear from me soon. Thank you Chris! Lauren B.

I have to honestly say that u guys r amazing! It was my first time in vegas and u guys made it such a good trip! U guys have the best communication and great team! I got informed w time and of everything needed and we ggot into the clubs with no problem at all! Once again thanks a lot I will def be telling my friends all about u guys and will b giving u the add on facebook haha see u next time! We might be going for halloween again 🙂 Sylvia D!

Hey Chris, I just wanted to thank you for hooking us up this weekend. I thought it would be pretty hard for us, considering that we were a group of 18, but it was relatively smooth for all of us to get into every place we went to this weekend. I will definitely hit you up when I go to vegas again. Thanks for everything! Minerva

The weekend was great. Being on the list definitely helped out and we had a great time at all of the clubs in Palms. Which we did get to all four of them. We didn’t get to the clubs on Sunday and Monday partially because we went to see a cirque show and partially because I was with two married couples. But I can’t wait to use it again for my birthday! The communication was great I had a question and it was answered almost immediately. Legenia Broussard

Chris, Thank you for making out trip to Vegas amazing. My friend and I come for the club scene and as always, you come through and deliver smooth and free entry to all the hottest clubs. We were there for 4 exciting nights and our expectations were exceeded! And the free drinks for ladies is the icing on the cake! I can’t imagine ever coming to town again without this service again! I would recommend you to everyone! Thanks again to you and your staff. Kim Ballard Pittsburgh, Pa

Chris, Our experience was fantastic! I am still recovering. I loved the fact that we could sign up to be on the guest list online, and your text messages were very convenient and helpful. The check-in at the Palms went well also. Everyone we dealt with was pleasant. We ended up going to Ghostbar, Moon, Pure and Jet. Our favorite was Jet–the music and service there was great. I have never seen faster bartenders, and the open bar portion was nice! It was a little too crowded (Saturday)–we were hoping they would open up the other room, but we still had awesome time. The dance floor and platform with poles opened up a little around 2am. As for the Palms, we had a great time at Moon (good music and dance floor–not too crowded on Thursday late), and Ghostbar was pretty cool. We were a little disappointed with Pure. The dance floor was cool, but the music was just ok. We did have to wait a while to get in, but you warned us, and we didn’t get there until the end of the check-in period. Also, it seemed like more table service people than regular patrons. I am glad I had a chance to go there and would probably check it out again on another visit. Thanks again, and I will be sure to utilize you guys again on my next visit. I will also be sure to recommend you guys on facebook etc. Ashley

Hey Chris We had too much fun on this trip, thanks for hooking us up. Next time we go to Vegas I will definitely be hitting you up. Best clubs were Surrender and Vanity. Also all of your other promoters that texted me were very helpful and got us in skipping the long lines. Thanks again and good luck with your business! Veronica Rodriguez Ruiz

Hey Chris, Everything went great this weekend. The service we received was excellent. As a dj myself in the dc area, I couldn’t compare the promotion efforts and great service to anything we have here. On Thursday, definitely Moon, Playboy, and ghostbar were great! We got right in and everyone was very helpful and friendly which is important. Friday, went to Tao and it was way to packed! We actually left early. Saturday went to pure but the line was very unorganized so we decide to go to The Bank which was great. Overall the nightlife experience was great! Thank you. Antonio Sandy

Chris, Our experience with the “VIP pass” through you was incredible. The lines to each of the clubs were pretty long, but we were escorted directly to the front, no wait and felt like celebrities (well, at least the others still in line thought we were). Really appreciated your service – will definitely do this again when we come back. We’ve already shared our experience with others and have recommended you. Thanks! Jenny and Chris Pelt

Hey Chris We had a blast. Everything went smoothly at Marquee on Friday. Saturday we went to Rain and although we arrived after midnight, they still accommodated our guest list. Your team of promoters were great!!!! I will continue to recommend you for future visits. Bridget Thomsen CELEBRITY STAR FASHION Chris, you’re a magic-maker. Thank you so much taking great care of us, your list was everything it was advertised to be. We had a great time at the Palms. Arissa Bright You guys are awesome ! I continue to say this. I went to the opening of ditch friday’s .Epic! I also went to play boy and moon friday may 6. I can’t even remember the night sign of a good time. With you guys getting in was a breeze . Only place’s where a girl that’s not blonde with big boob’s can get in. The only clubs where ppl who don’t cash out for v.i.p don’t get yelled at , played to left or have to stand in line for hours. Because of you guys me and 7 of my homegirls had a great time. My 25th bday started out awesome thank you ! Thank you! Jennifer Johnson Hello Chris, This e-mail is long overdue since I was in Vegas in March! I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome weekend and that everything went smoothly. I wrote a review on Yelp,(under the name Badkitty) not just for a free drink, but cause this is an awesome service and people should know about it. I will be hitting you up again soon as I am coming back to Vegas May 20th !! Thanks again. Darcy Chris, The girls and I had blast!. We’ve have been in Vegas 3 Times, but last weekend was the best, thanks to You!! We loved the Clubs, specially in Marquee, Ghostbar and The Bank!! I will tell everyone I know about your service . Your customer service is amazing, I will send you some pics. 🙂 Thank You very much!! Luisa Barragan My girls and I had an amazing time this weekend! Your service was just as awesome! Loved how the text messages came in at the same time everyday to remind and verify you havent forgotten about us. We got into all the clubs you promised and at a reasonable paste. Thank you sooo much! I’ll be heading back for memorial weekend, so you’ll probably hear back from me very soon! –Priscilla

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